Corona Virus

We've recently updated our app and have been doing lots of work over the last few months to make sure our members have lots of different ways to save money with us. 

We know times are strange but make sure you regularly use our app so you are aware of all the ways you can save money with your membership! However, please get in touch with us before your renewal date if you have any concerns at all about your membership.
Please provide your name, membership number and the email address used to register the gourmet society membership, and we will be more than happy to address any of your concerns or queries please quote the code #tcextension if you don't feel you've got the most out of your gourmet society during the Covid 19 period.
We have been working hard on our app and have new filters on our search page! Check it out and see if your post-code is open so you can enjoy our brand new Delivery and Collection service. 
All our restaurants require booking in advance so they can plan their service for the day.
Like you, our partner restaurants and additional member benefits are beginning to re-open as we start to get back to "the new normal". Things might be a little different as venues begin to re-open with the restrictions and guidelines still in place. We want all our members to be able to enjoy going out again but want them to be safe at the same time. Please be patient with our restaurants as they also get used to the new rules in place.
We understand that you might not have been using your gourmet society as much as normal with you not being able to visit all our partner restaurants. We are happy to speak to customers about their memberships to make sure you are still able get the most out of your gourmet society despite the changes that have been happening around us.

If you need any help or are struggling please click the "email us" option under this question and we will be happy to help.

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